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We supply trade accounts including pubs, tap houses, shops and restaurants. see details.

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Yes, you read it correctly, £5 off every single order you place over £10. Sign up to Moona and start enjoying £5 off all orders from participating merchants. For just £5 per month you can start getting £5 off every order!

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Leatherbritches brewery is proud to offer our customers a new way of paying and saving on your favourite websites. Moona allows you to place as much as one order per day at a saving of £5 per order! How can you go wrong!
For all new customers moona has a free 7 day trial period, here you can utilise Moona’s great features free of charge!
The automatic renewal will take place after 7 days of your first order using the service. The subscription price is £5.00 per month billed 6 months in advance. (Totalling £30)

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Why not make life easier and subscribe to a regular delivery,  saving both time and money.   We offer discounts to our subscribers, who can choose just how much they want to order and how often they would like a delivery.  When placing an order for your favourite beers, you will see the option to subscribe within the product options.  You can choose the quantity and select delivery every week, fortnight or month.

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Need more information?  Give us a call or email us and we will be more than happy to help.

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We offer a mobile bar service to cater of events such as festivals, parties and coroprate events.

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Referral Scheme

Collect reward points for referring your friends and family.  Use your points against your next order. We pay £5 per referral (5 points) for all orders placed over £35

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When you create an account with Leatherbritches you will be allocated a refferal link, which you can find in your ‘My Account’ page (points tab). Share this link with as many people as you wish and when they click through and place an order (over £35) you will receive your points.  These points will be added automatically to your account,  for you to use on a future order.  There is no limit to the amount of points you can be awarded, so what are you waiting for, get sharing and earn yourself some FREE BEER !

Traffic Light


All our beers are labelled on the website using our traffic light system. This system makes life easy for our customers.

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Golden Ale

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