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Berry Dangerous 5.2% 5 litre party keg

£22.50 available on subscription

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Berry Dangerous 5.2% is a berry berry dangerous beer, smooth dark porter infused with raspberries, strawberries and a hint of blackberry. Resulting in a well rounded deliciously moreish pint.

5 litre party keg – contains just under 9 pints.

party kegs can be stored for up to 2 months unopened. once opened consume within 1 week.

Brewed and canned on site at Leatherbritches brewery.

2 reviews for Berry Dangerous 5.2% 5 litre party keg

  1. Ken D.

    Absolutely loved this beer. Cannot recommend Berry Dangerous enough! Would give it ten stars if I could! My brother and I drank this beer one evening, finishing every drop. Will definitely be back for more before my next visit to see my brother.

  2. peter w.

    Had a couple of glasses out of keg then the beer was flat like there was no air left in the keg, i had followed the instructions on the keg etc.
    tried another glass but it was not nice at all so ended up tipping down the sink, 20 odd pound wasted, will not be buying another keg.

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