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Mayhem DDH 6.3%

Packed full of tropical goodness, juicy aromatic and dangerously to easy to drink at 6.3%.

Bag in a box beers come in the following measurements.

3litre – Try something new

18pint ( 10 litre ) – I know what I want

36pint ( 20 litre ) – going for a session

Bag in a box beer shelf life.
To guarantee the beers freshness the beer must me kept in a cool place ( below 15c ) out of direct sunlight. All bag in a box beers should be opened within a week of purchase.

3 litre 7-10 days upon opening

18 pints ( 10 litre ) 10-15 days upon opening

36 pints ( 20 litre ) 15-20 days upon opening


MAYHEM DDH 3 litre, Mayhem DDH 18 PINTS ( 10 litre ), Mayhem DDH 36 Pints ( 20 litre )

11 reviews for Mayhem DDH 6.3%

  1. Leigh Q.

    Outstanding service, excellent price, great beer! What more could you want

  2. Simon R.

    Great beer. Although a decent strength it is well balanced and the alcohol does not override the flavour. Definitely 1 for the summertime.

  3. Kieran D.

    Really very good beer this. It carry’s it’s double hop well with plenty of flavour without being overly bitter.

  4. Curtis E.

    Outstanding drop this will be ordering again but this time I will take it easy as I had a thick head the day after????????

  5. Stuart R.

    Excellent service, friendly before and during the delivery. The beer itself is superb and I’ve recommended it to friends.

  6. Greg B.

    Great delivery service and that mayhem certainly changes the weekend

  7. Dean J.

    A nice rounded IPA. Dosent taste too strong like alot of the higher percentage beers and has a suprisngly refreshing after taste. One of my favorites

  8. Sheridan K.

    Easily one of the best beers we’ve ever had! Tasty rocket fuel that makes my aiming bad on star wars battlefront after three pints! Hop sensation!!

  9. richard h.

    One of my favourite beers, lots of fruit and hops, very easy drinking, be careful given its strength!

  10. Keith S.

    Wow, the Mad Brewer strikes again, tropical favours, very drinkable but seriously strong. Sit back and enjoy!

  11. Martin C.

    Mayhem DDH 6.3%, This tastetastic IPA is truly delicious, hoppey and a very nice tropical fruity flavour. It is as advertised too easy to drink! I’ll be getting a box for Christmas. Cheers .

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