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Milkshake IPA 4.6%

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Each pack of scratchings contains a pot of the beer jam to enjoy with the pork scratchings And yes they go perfectly with a pint of your favourite leatherbritches brewery brew. 130g

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Milkshake I.p.a 4.6%

Milkshake I.p.a is a hoppy pale ale infused with lactose to increase the body of the beer giving a creamier mouthfeel. Hops include Citra, Mosaic and Ekuanot to give a real tropical fresh refreshing drink.

Our Milkshake i.p.a is served as a traditional real ale ( clean clear pint ) not Cloudy or muddy like other Milkshake I.p.a’s.

Bag in a box beers come in the following measurements.

3litre – Try something new

18pint ( 10 litre ) – I know what I want

36pint ( 20 litre ) – going for a session

Bag in a box beer shelf life.
To guarantee the beers freshness the beer must me kept in a cool place ( below 15c ) out of direct sunlight. All bag in a box beers should be opened within a week of purchase.

3 litre 7-10 days upon opening

18 pints ( 10 litre ) 10-15 days upon opening

36 pints ( 20 litre ) 15-20 days upon opening


3l Milkshake I.p.a, 10l Milkshake I.p.a, 20l Milkshake I.p.a

5 reviews for Milkshake IPA 4.6%

  1. Paul T.

    First time trying the Milkshake IPA but I found it really enjoyable.
    Just the right amount of hoppy aftertaste and very enjoyable.

  2. Steve Gilmour (verified owner)

    Great ale, working my way thru all your ales, hic.

  3. Craig Smedley (verified owner)

    Strange but very moreish creamy

  4. Jason Greenhill (verified owner)

    Superb IPA with a smooth finish

  5. Steve (verified owner)

    A truly superb beer, ordered some more before the first box empty.

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