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Scoundrel 4.1%

(11 customer reviews)

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Each pack of scratchings contains a pot of the beer jam to enjoy with the pork scratchings And yes they go perfectly with a pint of your favourite leatherbritches brewery brew. 130g

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Scoundrel 4.1% is a medium bodied porter with plenty of Cara malt to give a subtle but sweet tasting profile.

Bag in a box beers come in the following measurements.

3litre – Try something new

18pint ( 10 litre ) – I know what I want

36pint ( 20 litre ) – going for a session

Bag in a box beer shelf life.
To guarantee the beers freshness the beer must me kept in a cool place ( below 15c ) out of direct sunlight. All bag in a box beers should be opened within a week of purchase.

3 litre 7-10 days upon opening

18 pints ( 10 litre ) 10-15 days upon opening

36 pints ( 20 litre ) 15-20 days upon opening


SCOUNDREL 4.1% 5 PINTS ( 3 litre ), SCOUNDREL 4.1% 18 PINTS ( 10 litre ), SCOUNDREL 4.1% 36 PINTS ( 20 litre )

11 reviews for Scoundrel 4.1%

  1. John L.

    Powerfully deceptive dark it

  2. Paul T.

    A very easy lightweight porter.
    Really enjoyable.

  3. Keith S.

    Scoundrel, a great medium porter all the flavour but a bit lighter at 4.1%.

  4. Alan R.

    This was an excellent beer full of flavour and very drinkable. The packaging was excellent and it arrived undamaged and on the day it said it would.

  5. John McBride (verified owner)

    If you like a porter this is the one for you. One of the best I’ve ever tasted. I’m sure Ollie Reed would have approved and endorsed a pint of Scoundrel. 👍

  6. Liam Downes (verified owner)

  7. Ian Jones (verified owner)

    a bit too dry for me but was ok

  8. Brett (verified owner)

    Excellent, didn’t last long at all

  9. Paul Opperman (verified owner)

    Lovely Beer, Dark, but tastes more like a lighter ale, very Quaffable, a firm favourite in the Pub at the end of the Garden that I built through the Covid period. Loved by everyone in the Village that comes over.

  10. Michael S. (verified owner)

    Nice medium Porter good taste

  11. Robert Hughes (verified owner)

    Super ale this great service from these guys

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