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Mayhem DDH 6.3% Bottle



Each pack of scratchings contains a pot of the beer jam to enjoy with the pork scratchings And yes they go perfectly with a pint of your favourite leatherbritches brewery brew. 130g

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Mayhem DDH 6.3%

Packed full of tropical goodness, juicy aromatic and dangerously to easy to drink at 6.3%.

All of our bottled beers are bottle conditioned, this means there is a live yeast sediment in each bottle. please pour carefully paying close attention to leave the sediment behind assuring you have a clear pint.

All bottles are bottled by hand on site at Leatherbritches brewery.


1x500ml bottle Mayhem, 3x500ml bottle Mayhem, 12x500ml bottle Mayhem

6 reviews for Mayhem DDH 6.3% Bottle

  1. Tony and Holly

    Mayhem is a wonderful beer we have given it 4.75 out of 5 on untapped

  2. Tim C.

    Well what can I say about this little beauty its strong BUT with the smooth taste of a session ale no bitterness like most strong ales its refreshing and supprisingly light it’s a beer for all seasons it’s one which I certainly will purchase again

  3. Ian M.

    Hoppy. Very hoppy.

    What a beer!

  4. Lee B.

    Very easy to drink and could be called a dangerous beer
    But I really like it and have ordered more

  5. Jonathan D.

    A very enjoyable beer

  6. Guy M.

    Mayhem is an amazing beer, love it.

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